Thursday, 27 June 2013

1920's Kay Kraft FS

Hi all,

So, beginning in the next couple weeks, I've think I've finally reached a certain verdict...that is, I'll be selling my Kay Kraft. I figured I'd give you guys (if any of you are slightly interested) the heads up before I post it on eBay, locally, etc.

Basically, it's a wonderful instrument with little wear on the frets, and only the expected crazing on the body. The white binding on the neck is, for the most part, in great shape apart from about the first 2 inches starting from the nut wherein a previous owner has replaced the binding with a different material. Unlike mint condition Krafts, the headstock's mother-of-toilet-seat cover is 'long-gone' (in the words of the fellow I bought it from) was never an issue for me b/c I got it for the sound more than the collectibility, tho this would be important to note if you side more on the latter...The neck, all the way up to about the 15-17th frets, is impressively straight - perfect playability; however, beyond that, the fingerboard has begun to 'dip' down a tad towards the body...again, a non-issue from a playability perspective. The guitar's top is not totally perfect, but compared to other Krafts that I've seen, it's quite good. Very, very minor warping around the soundhole has taken place, tho I doubt, with diligent humidity control, it will move anymore.


I'm 99.9% sure that the guitar is all original. The body is, I BELIEVE, solid mahogany on top and laminate mahogany on the back and sides. The guitar stays in tune absolutely fine, the frets and fingerboard are in great condition.

My real/no-shit opinion on the guitar:
It's THE shit for fingerstyle country blues...that is no lie. For picking tunes like Last Steam Engine Train, Stackolee, Poor Boy, etc, this guitar slays my 1932 Gibson L-00, the Stella I had, and Gibson J45's that I play in stores. Is it as fine in quality and versatility as a brand-spankin' new J45? Perhaps not. But, in the territory of fingerstyle blues, it's absolutely unique and I daresay unbeatable - you have my word that I'm not speaking out of my ass.

Price-tag: $650 + shipping in one of those old, paper-like 'hard' cases. I'll be diligent in packing it very safely.

Perhaps you guys have seen/heard me play the gweet.. - if not, here's a little sample of how it sounds...

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