Willie Brown Lessons

Future Blues

Check out the instructional video I've got on Charlie Patton's Highwater Everywhere Pt. One. You'll be able to tell where Willie Brown got most of his licks from then! I love this tune and I think it's the epitome of the grittiness of Delta Blues.

M & O Blues

Willie Brown's softer side is shown with this tune. The song just has very intricate and beautiful guitar work. Definitely, it shows how Brown had the capacity to play different styles. It's really too bad that Paramount lost his other recordings...

Make Me A Pallet On the Floor

Here's a lesson on Willie Brown's great rendition of this old tune. On the original recording, his picking is a big ragged at times which makes things a little more forgiving if you'd like to go for it note for note! I think this is a really underrated piece in terms of the fantastic guitar work that was done...and yes, I do think this is the same Willie Brown from the older sessions!

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