Robert Johnson Lessons

aka. (Cross Road Blues)

This is how to play the original take of Cross Roads as played by the grandmaster, Robert Johnson. It's all about the attack of the notes...make sure you get this one down!

Crossroads Rhythm Guitar

The intricacies of how Robert Johnson accompanied himself on Cross Roads, which is similar to songs like Terraplane Blues, etc, is described here. Truly beautiful played on Robert Johnson's part.

Love In Vain (Open Tuning)

Hellhound On My Trail

Last Fair Deal Gone Down

This is a fun little slide piece of Robert Johnson's. To get this one down, it's especially about nailing the groove. Keep the notes 'bouncy' and the tempo pretty hot.

Walkin' Blues

I've always thought Walkin' Blues is the prime indicator that shows how much Robert Johnson stylistically owes to Son House. The intro to Crossroads, and Walkin' Blues, are all Son House moves. Learning this Johnson's rendition, and then listening to Son House's old recordings just shows how blues styles are passed from generation to generation.

Travelling Riverside Blues

Travelling Riverside Blues is my favorite Robert Johnson slide song...well maybe it is. It's definitely up there! The slide licks he plays on this one have become classic for a good reason.

Preaching Blues

This one takes practice until everything is internalized in your mind and fingers before you can take it uptempo the way Johnson plays it...tbh, I still need a lot of practice on this, too! But, hopefully, after this, you'll have a good idea as to the exact notes that he plays so that you can start really digging into it!

Love In Vain

This lesson on Robert Johnson's song, Love in Vain, is sort of an archived video. It's old content but maybe it can still be helpful...

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