Learning Slide Guitar

Slide Guitar Introduction

This will be the first video in a series that will show the main techniques that you'll want to implement in order to play some solid slide guitar.

Vibrato Technique

I know from experience how vibrato can start out as a painful ordeal with improper technique. The tensing of the shoulder and muscles in the arm can be pretty bothersome and might even discourage using vibrato, at times! So, I thought I'd make a short little video to illuminate how to fix this...it's all about the thumb-planting.

Playing Slide Like A Singer

You'll notice that the great slide players, Charlie Patton, Fred McDowell, Blind Willie Johnson, Derek Trucks, etc, make their bottleneck playing sound like a voice. Hopefully, with this lesson you'll get some ideas for how to practice this!

Single String Licks Using Derek Trucks as an Example

Here's a quick little lesson on how to execute Derek Trucks' eastern style licks on a single string. Sliding up and down one string can get crazy so the key is to understand how to properly manipulate your left-hand thumb so that you've got much more control and accuracy. I hope I managed to somewhat convey that! If you've got any questions, just let me know!


  1. Hello,

    I have been really enjoying your Delta Slide Vids! You certainly are very skilled! I am on a mission to really put together a song list. BTW....love your Black Rust!

    There is a song John Campbell does on the Tyler Texas Sessions called "Mojo Hand". It has some tricky parts in it. Would you help or do a tutorial?


  2. I tried to reach you by email (mpark148@gmail.com > My note was refused due to a inoperative address (or something). I'll try the blue "Publish" button again and hope for the best. I really would like to make contact,