Monday, 19 November 2012

Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Blues Tutorial

It's the first time that I've done a Jimi lesson for quite a while...I've got one from way back that you could probably find if you dig hard enough but it's meh...

Anyways, this one's on Hear My Train A-Comin'. Supposedly, at the time it was recorded, it was the first time that Jimi had ever played a 12-string! It's completely amazing and at the same time oddly depressing because it's some of the best 12-string guitar that has ever been recorded, and yet he was a total newbie. I guess that's why he was Jimi Hendrix.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Andres Segovia Demonstrating the Guitar's Timbres

One of the first virtuosos of the instrument, Andres Segovia aka Zen master from, he shows what the guitar's sonic range truly encompasses. It's fantastic.

If you haven't checked out his music, be sure to. There are a lot of people out there who say he was the greatest guitarist that ever lived.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Another Patton Lesson

This is on a tune called Tom Rushen Blues. On RagtimeDorianHenry's post of the original recording, Tom Rushing's great-grandson actually talks-story about Patton and his ancestor in a posted comment...

"This song is about my great grandfather - Tom Rushing. He was deputy sheriff in Merigold, MS. He arrested Charlie Patton, and apparently was one of the few cops in the Delta at the time who wasn't horribly racist. He died when I was young, but I grew up with him. He was a good man."

- jellyjellybobelly

Reall cool stuff...anyways, here's the lesson. If any of you often find it challenging to learn some of these old blues tunes, then I'd recommend working this one out. I can see it being a good stepping-stone to other tunes.

Archie Edwards Lesson

If you don't know Archie Edwards then - are you a John Hurt fan? Well...who isn't. Archie Edwards was mentored by John Hurt so if you like him, you'll like Archie.

In any case, dig this new tutorial...