Sunday, 12 August 2012

Charlie Parker and the Blues

So most of us know all about the different types of old guitar blues - Delta, Piedmont, Texas, Hill Country Blues, etc...

Here's some BeBop blues as played by the masters. It's good to vary things sometimes, I suppose. Hearing different sounds can be a great way to assimilate new techniques, tones, phrasing, and rhythms into your playing. This recording of Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, etc, showcases some of the finest blues playing. In fact, in my opinion, Charlie Parker's solo on this particular recording is the most genius and beautiful improvisation on a blues form ever. Bud Powell's solo is likewise brilliant with some great 'outside' sounds which are neatly integrated.

Is it just me or do I hear one specific lick that Bird plays which Albert King/SRV would later be famous for? Hmm...

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