Sunday, 13 May 2012

Starting Out With Slide Guitar

I thought I'd start a series of videos outlining a lot of what is important to know if you'd like to to start playing slide in the blues idiom. Maybe, if you've thought a bunch of times about dipping into this style but haven't had the chance, this video might give you a decent start!

If the old Delta Blues musicians is what you prefer, slide guitar is practically a must-learn style. B.B King once said that he developed his vibrato technique because he wanted to play slide but he couldn't! Thus he did his cool vibrato to compensate...but, unlike B.B., we've all got Youtube so there's no excuse!


  1. This is a great idea. I started my own delta blues slide journey after
    watching your vid on Son House, Death Letter Blues. I'm still working on that. I'm am looking forward to the next lesson.

  2. Man, I'm glad to have helped you get into some of this music!
    Thanks for keeping up!